my bio

In short my name is Ty and I’m the creator of get it I’m so excited to start something that in my opinion is another venue for women just like me to share stories and comments about our everyday lives. The good, the bad…and of course the ugly. I was born and raised in Houston, TX where I still reside. I’m a full-time school teacher along with being a full-time mother of four, (all under the age of six by the way). I reached what I like to call 20-10 or what others might call “30″ in August 2012; this was 3 days after giving birth to my youngest son. I sat in the hospital and said farewell to my 20′s. Then something amazing happen…I felt that despite of me feeling a little down for not celebrating my milestone with a bang that I was ok with what I accomplished so far in my life, but that was it…it was just okay! There was so much more I wanted for myself and I decided in that hospital bed that I could do more with. I knew at that moment the only way to make a change was to become one. I needed to demand from life what I wanted, do the work and get what I wanted out of life…and it happen just like that…if you want it, get it.