For This Child I prayed…..

A plus sign can mean so much; it changed my life forever!
Here is the beginning of my story:

In 2006, I was told that I would never be able to carry a pregnancy to full term. The doctor told me that the lining in my uterus, had been severely damaged, and the baby would never attach it’self to me in order to survive. I was devastated. Even though I was 21 at the time, and the thought of having children wasn’t even crossing my mind, it was rough. I remember countless nights I would cry myself to sleep. The bottom line at that the end of the day was: I was barren. I began to take the medicine that had been prescribe to me to slow my bleeding, which had horrible side affects. I would feel as if my legs where going to fall off, and the mere task of getting out of bed in the morning, would bring me to tears.

It wasn’t until one day, I decided to attend a new church, and get my life back in order. The pastor that day spoke about having faith, and believing God to do the supernatural in your life. For some reason this hit home to me. What was believing God for? I knew that he was a miracle worker. I knew that he could do the IMPOSSIBLE. Why not believe him to heal my body one hundred percent. From that day forward, I began to make daily confessions over my body. I began to say everyday ” All old things are passed away, and I am made new. He bore all sickness on the cross for me, and today I am healed.” This time, I believed it; but most importantly, I believed God.
Fast forward to March of 2014; I married the love of my life! We received the best wedding present in the world only 6 weeks later after being prayed for by our First Lady at our church. I was EXPECTING!!! My heart leaped with joy! and even though people wanted me to keep it quiet, this was different. I refused to! I told the world, and whoever would listen. After setting appointments with doctors, I kept my faith. My head remained steady, and my husband was my biggest supporter. The doctor looked at me and shook his head one day and stated, “Mrs. Hall, You have beat the odds, that were stacked against you. Your baby is healthy, with a strong heartbeat.” Now, I am 18 weeks, proud to say I will continue to believe that on December 28, 2014, I will give birth to healthy, bouncing, baby boy, to be named: Riedyn Kaliph Wayne Hall; name meaning “STRONG LEADER OR RULER.”

People ask me, “Why do you have to post everything of facebook about your baby?”Well this is why, and if this story can inspire one person to believe, then this post is not void. Keep believing, love your children, hold them, kiss them, and adore them. For they are truly gifts!!!!

*hugs and sweet kisses!

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2 Comments to “For This Child I prayed…..”

  1. Cbables says:

    This was beautiful! Congrats!

  2. CortD says:

    What a blessing and miracle!!!! Thanks for sharing your testimony!!!!

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