Good Advice or Bad Advice….

That is the question, is the advice you get from others really a good thing or a bad one? You see even though I feel like I have a lot to talk about, I feel I can pick a topic and talk about it for hours, especially if it deals with something I’m passionate about or something that is downright juicy!. But advice…well, it’s something I give too. The only thing is I give advice mostly to the people who truly ASK for it. What do I mean?…Well, I teach for a living and the students I teach usually don’t ask the questions I want them too, rather question about my personal life or which rapper I like best. So I give them advice that they could use like, go to college and don’t talk, text,or drink, while driving. Even though I am not the person that raised them and will only be a memory in the future I feel that it is my duty to give them “good” advice. It’s simply being human to give advice or put our two cents in people lives by simply telling our sides, but make sure your giving and taking advice for a good reason and take it in stride. When I was pregnant with my first son I was 25. I was married with a full time job, and despite of that I felt like I was 16. I remember it like it was yesterday…staring at this test thinking OH MY HOLY GOD! A living human is growing in my body and it will grow to the size of a bowling ball and it has to come out. I know that might have been a bit outlandish but that’s exactly how I felt. As the months came and went every experience was new from tiredness to the first kick. I yearned for everyone’s advice and soaked it up like a sponge. I watched and recorded “A Baby Story” like it was the first and only reality show. With all the wonderful advice I was scared out my mind!!! Seeing the women in pain, asking women about their experiences and hearing the stories of being in labor for 48 hours with no pain medicine! I couldn’t imagine it; all I had was one thing that kept running through my mind, “well it HAS to come OUT somehow!” After I had my son, I had my own story, my own experience, and was equipped to give advice on MOTHERHOOD. Well, not really; the biggest thing I learned was to stay cool, and my experience was just that mine, because EVERY woman’s is indeed different. Actually with all four of my children I had 4 total different experiences, which is the story of most women with more kids. But sometimes advice and make a turn for the worst, especially when it’s unwanted. Ok, another pregnancy story…I was pregnant with my daughter (my 2nd pregnancy) I pretty much got the scared out my mind phase controlled. It’s my third trimester time to relax. Now I’m a coffee drinker but I knew that too much was no good so I usually did half and half (decaffeinated and caffeinated). I made sure I had ONE a day if any at all. I decided to get a pedicure. I had my magazines ready, and my Starbucks in hand. As I sit in the chair and press the massage back button, it didn’t take more or less five minutes for and older lady beside me to say “You know you should not have that drink in your condition, it can hurt your baby…” as if I had a bud light in my hand. I looked at her with a bit of smile but with disgust in my psyche and said “oh it’s half and half” and she then continued to give me her ADVICE. Well I was raised to be respectful so I listened…said thank you, and then put on my headphones. Advice is great, it really is…but it’s hard to accept it from someone who doesn’t really know you or your situation. Just because you’ve been through a similar experience doesn’t mean you know what’s best for someone else. For example those who baby sat kids versus having them, being a single parent versus not or even single couples giving advice to married couples, it’s just different. But it’s available; advice is out there…it’s everywhere. You can take it or leave it. Optimally the choice is yours and it’s totally ok to choose either or and that’s ok…but again, that’s just my advice.

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