Starting Anew

Another year has passed, i’m officially 20-12 years old. For some strange reason I like the sound of how I say my age. Some people say 32 adding it together, but me I say 20-12. Yes today is my birthday and boy do I feel…actually there are all types of words that can describe how I truly feel about it. I think the first word that comes to mind would be grateful. Grateful that I made it this far, for my health and strength, for a sane mind, for my husband, my kids, parents, siblings, for cheat days (jamocha almond fudge ice cream)… for life and all that other mushy stuff for which I am truly grateful for. But I also realize that another year is almost like New Year’s to your personal self, it’s reminding yourself that you don’t have time to waste and that every day is precious. And the fact that you were born in such a place called earth, that we are all human, that everything might not have worked out the way that we planned it, but that’s just part of our unique story. And what do we do when the new year begins? We make New Year’s resolutions, you make goals to what we want to see our lives in a future time. Unfortunately though most of all the resolutions we break them within a month. So waiting till New Year’s or waiting for a birthday to come just a set of goal…is that really realistic? I think those moments are just times that we can sit down and reflect but you always have the time to start a new. To rekindle a relationship, to lose that weight, to start that book, to start that blog, to start a hobby. Every day we wake up is a chance to start a new. Realize that you are your biggest critic and sometimes can be your worst enemy. You also have a greater weapon… you have the power of choice, and with every new day you yourself can become renewed.

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