They Come and They Grow

I remember it all so well shopping for a baby girl. Oh how cute she will be in this or that and being so impatient and wanting to see her in all the things we bought. Then, the baby arrives and before you know it’s time to put the clothing that no longer fit away. WHATTTTTT!!!!! For some reason when shopping you imagine them in these clothes, but never imagine folding and packing away for the next baby or charity. And, depending on how emotional you are, this can be very hard. For me, I noticed that I am hanging on unto things because my baby is tiny and can still fit some new born outfits at five months (LOL, don’t judge me). I never thought I would want my baby to freeze at this point. Each week she is leaving something behind and learning new things and mommy can’t take it, let me hang on to the baby clothes please. Bitter sweetly she will keep growing and bigger clothes that are just as cute will be needed. However, there is nothing like preparing for your first child…..that I know of (still on baby one).

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