What’s Important?

After having my baby, and knowing that everything I knew and loved (peace, quiet, my body, etc.) was long gone. I had to figure out what I was going to focus on because I wasn’t going to attempt “it all” in the first few weeks. You need to rest, you will have guest, your house is not clean, you look a mess,…but it’s all about the baby. Everybody tells you not to worry about everything else, but that’s easy for them to say. Your brain still functions and everything that you can’t do that is important is flashing through your mind to confirm your new life is in utter chaos.

Take a deep breath……and be honest with yourself, what do you need in order to feel comfortable so that you can take it easy and actually rest. If you need to tell your friends and family not today or this week that is fine. If you feel you need your hair and nails done to deal and feel like yourself….eeeh that’s fine, whatever you need to make life easier for you. Remember you make the rules in your life, so make your list and do what you need to do. if you feel it is necessary I imagine it will be easy enough to get it done. My little list consisted of things I felt were important.
1. My baby was first
2. I wanted to put on makeup that made me feel a little normal
3. My house needed to be presentable for company or not

Nothing else mattered to me the first few weeks. Focusing on those few things helped out a lot. As you get adjusted to your new life the list will get longer as everything gets easier. In my experience the baby was not the issue the first six weeks… I was.

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